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I'm Peter Jack - known to my customers as 'The Whip Man'. For over 43 years my aim has been to revive the age old craft of real whip making which has all but died out here in New Zealand. I'm pleased to say that it has developed into a full-time business for me, and now I would like to offer you my hand-made braided quality product line. All of these products are made exclusively by the craftsman (me) and therefore I can only offer a limited number per year. All of my quality kangaroo hide whips are shipped with a free tin of whip wax and four free spare crackers/poppers. Please note that because these whips are hand-crafted, patterns are unique & individual and will not match exactly the samples shown. Also lengths may vary slightly from those quoted due to the balancing of each individual whip.

I can give you my personal guarantee on the quality of all my goods. If you are dissatisfied with any of my products please return them within 90 days in original condition for a full refund (less freight costs).I'm certain that you'll be more than satisfied with your decision to buy a 'Whip Man' product.

Let me tell you a little about what drives me on with braiding and plaiting whips. Unlike Australia, New Zealand has a very small population of only 3.5 million people. We are the small fry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It all began with having fun with a 23 foot bull whip in my back yard as a kid. My parents friends telling me all about the old days with the drovers and the stock men. One story goes like this. The Pubs (as we call them) where the drovers used to drink closed at 6 pm, sending the drinkers out and hopefully home for some food or to see there wife if they had one. Then the pub would reopen 1-2 hours later for more drinking. Some of the old drovers would just hang around the back of the pub and get the drover whips out to have some fun. Well the story goes that most of the drovers used 20-30 foot whips back then. They would put coins (very small coins) up on posts and get the long whips to flick the coins from the posts and then catch the coins in there other hand!! Well they say, it was a bit of a challenge that who ever missed catching the coins, would pay for the next round of drinks!!!!! Try doing that with a 25 foot bull whip! There really is nothing new or so new that it was never ever done before or part there of.

Many Regards.

If you would like to contact me if you are in New Zealand then call me on my cell phone 0274 366493

or from over seas the country code is 64 then put 274 366 493.


Updated 11 Oct 2019

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